The Introvert’s Guide to Going to the Gym

Tips for when you want to pump iron but also want to stay away from other people

Photo by M. Plt on Unsplash

Get there! Rip off the Band-Aid

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Scope out the gym for times at which there are less people

This is a whole bunch of NO. If this image makes you cringe because of the amount of “happy” people in it, you might be an introvert. Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Use headphones — the more obnoxious, the better

Beats by Dre not enough? Get yous some aviation-grade headphones here.

Locate machines that you can use in solitude

Image link here

Know how to use the machines before you start using them

No one should ever be subjected to experiencing this hell. Courtesy of GIPHY, link here.

Consider researching an exercise regimen yourself before seeking out a trainer

GIF link here.

Don’t focus so heavily on avoiding others that you end up ruining your workout, though

Thanks again, GIPHY.

Copywriter, ex-academic, amateur cyclist, literature enthusiast. Hides behind a pen name.

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