My Life in the Land of the Tumbleweeds

How land that I hated became my greatest comfort

Nevada’s state “flower”
A Google search result for “sagebrush” gives us insight
Devil’s Lake, WI. This is about 1.5 hours from my hometown. Look at all of those trees!
Both a staple and a stereotype.
A Gopher Grabber. Courtesy of He once threatened to grab my boyfriend’s balls with it if he thought with his “little head.”
Photo credit: Interstate Guide
Tim’s RV
Probably the only property in the area with real grass.
Grandpa’s Viper. Brother and grandfather cropped out for confidentiality reasons.
Lake Tahoe, NV
The view of the mountains from our side of the valley.
On the left: an RC car like my brother’s. On the right: an RC car like mine.
Photos courtesy of
Photos courtesy of Tripadvisor
Inside Tim’s RV

Copywriter, ex-academic, amateur cyclist, literature enthusiast. Hides behind a pen name.

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