How I got myself to go back to the gym (even though it’s a chore and I’m terrified of it)

I didn’t let myself think myself out of doing it.

Next time you’re avoiding the gym, picture Mel Robbins doing this. Courtesy of her Twitter @melrobbins

I didn’t make the goal about weight loss. In fact, I didn’t make a long-term goal at all.

I didn’t notice this until I rewatched Robbins’ video for this article, but she also said something on point with what I was going to say, but she says it better:

I focused on doing things that I like, or on starting with things that are relatively painless.

One of the main reasons, I imagine, for avoiding the gym is because we think it’s going to suck once we get there (or at least I do). I’ve successfully avoided the gym sucking since my return because (thankfully) there are things I like doing there. I can guarantee that even if there’s not something you like at the gym, there’s probably something you can tolerate doing.

I stayed in the moment

Part of my returning to the gym and making it a positive experience was overcoming the fear I had of other people. I still have this fear; frankly, I just ignore it. I try to focus on myself, what I’m doing, how it physically feels, what I’m going to do next, the song in my ears — anything except what others are thinking of me. Plus, I try to remind myself that everyone there probably has some kind of insecurity — some could be insecure about weight, some about strength, some about penis size, whatever. Everyone, ultimately, is there for themselves.

Copywriter, ex-academic, amateur cyclist, literature enthusiast. Hides behind a pen name.

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