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Really, we’re making it harder than it needs to be.

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The UW System is hindering public discourse, unfairly punishing one of its chancellors, and slut-shaming a woman for her history in pornography.

UW System President Ray Cross looking displeased about a different situation, but I imagine he had a similar expression when he found out about Nina Hartley’s visit to the UW. Image credit: M.P. King — State Journal

My life as a woman with a nonbinary sexual identity

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Tips for when you want to pump iron but also want to stay away from other people

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Why we should stop focusing on quantity over quality

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How land that I hated became my greatest comfort

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Nichole R

Copywriter, recovering academic, amateur cyclist, literature enthusiast. I write hard truths because my silence won’t protect me (thanks, Audre Lorde).

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